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Barkingdog AI(愛吠的狗)打造全台首間元宇宙場館,引進國際知名IP愛麗絲,透過創造虛擬分身進入園宇宙中玩遍鹽埕區,與在地商家結合連動,使虛擬與現實產生交互。



  • Lack of foot traffic in the old community.

  • Existing attractions struggle to attract visitors again.


  • Introduce internationally renowned IP, Alice in Wonderland.

  • Create a virtual avatar to enter VR games and explore the Yancheng District in VR.

  • Collaborate with local businesses to establish interactive experiences between virtual and real worlds.

Results after Implementation

  • Foster collaboration between academia, industry, and visits.

  • Increase in tourist flow.

  • Drive new customer base for surrounding businesses.

  • Encourage startups to jointly promote 5G AIOT.

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