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Barkingdog AI(愛吠的狗)屏東海生館內的最新亮點-大型投影裝置「與鯨共舞」,民眾可透過APP拍照,讓自己出現在大海中與牆上緩緩游動的巨大座頭鯨共游,掃描QR Code還能取得紀念明信片!

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


  • Static exhibitions lack interactivity, making it difficult to attract visitors.

  • Existing exhibitions lack innovation, making it challenging to retain visitors.


  • Implement AR photography and downloads.

  • Utilize projection mapping.

  • Offer selfie opportunities for visitors to "dance" with whales.

Results after Implementation

  • Enhance the interactive entertainment value for visitors.

  • Increase visitor footfall and improve overall satisfaction with the service.

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