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Guided Tour of Kaohsiung Ciaotou Sugar Refinery


  • Tourist information, including attractions, transportation, and nearby businesses, is scattered, making it difficult for visitors to find relevant information.

  • Foreign tourists face language barriers, making it challenging to access and understand information.

  • Lack of a collective marketing strategy among businesses results in suboptimal performance and benefits.


  • Promote collaborative marketing efforts with "Qiaoxiaotang" IP.

  • Integrate information on surrounding attractions, transportation, and businesses.

  • Establish seamless integration between online and offline services.

  • Provide real-time multilingual support and information retrieval.

Results of Implementation

  • Substantial increase in local tourism traffic and business revenue for local establishments.

  • Heightened willingness among consumers to engage in tourism activities.

  • Enhanced multilingual service capabilities and reduction in labor requirements.

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