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Let's Amaze It!

We are committed to showcasing the product DNA characteristics of 'sensitivity, warmth, and connecting people' through technology.

AI Amaze Interactive Image Recognition AI Customer Service

Hello! I'm Hsi-Hsi, the Bright Star Ambassador of Woof Woof Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Our system can be applied across various industries such as convenience stores, department stores, schools, exhibition organizers, hotels, and more. It enables your business to stay ahead in the competition, achieve success, and enhance customer loyalty and revenue growth.

If you have any needs or questions, I am more than happy to assist you! Let's work together to create amazing digital interactive experiences!

Hsi-Hsi, the Bright Star Ambassador

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Technological Advantage

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Real-time Voice Response

Virtual agent provides a verbal response within 1 to 1.5 seconds after user input.

Cross-Platform Hardware Support

Can provide corresponding software and hardware solutions based on industry and business type attributes.

Online Editable Backend

24/7 Cloud Knowledge Base Editing Platform meets the real-time editing needs of administrators.

Content Scalability

Supports multilingual capabilities, customized virtual character art design, and XR interactive applications.

Business Competitiveness

Ongoing Cross-Industry Validation

We have collaborated with telecommunications, panel, and robotics companies, conducting validations in various industries such as tourism, education, and exhibitions. Additionally, we have worked with individual industry partners to extend our services into retail, banking, healthcare, and other industries and sectors.


Rich Human-Machine Interaction Experience

The unmanned virtual assistant service relies on rich human-machine interaction and industry-proven experience to enable users from different demographics to effectively interact with the virtual assistant without human guidance, satisfying their service needs. Especially in software interface design, our constant goal is to create interactions that make users 'feel,' 'warmth,' and 'connect people to people,' actively replacing passivity.


One-Stop Digital Integration Service

From software front-end artistic design to back-end system platforms, we offer customers a one-stop digital integration service. Concurrently, we collaborate with diverse hardware manufacturers to provide customized services of varying degrees based on customer needs on top of our product foundation.


AI Amaze Successful Case

Guided Tour of Sizihwan Station, Kaohsiung MRT

Site tour

Barkingdog AI(愛吠的狗)透過智慧化客服,提高整體服務效率,在降低人力需求的同時解決語言多樣化的需求。結合GPS和互動式地圖導覽,加上周便大眾運輸系統動態時刻表,提供遊客最佳的轉乘資訊以及導覽服務。
Barkingdog AI(愛吠的狗)透過智慧化客服,提高整體服務效率,在降低人力需求的同時解決語言多樣化的需求。結合GPS和互動式地圖導覽,加上周便大眾運輸系統動態時刻表,提供遊客最佳的轉乘資訊以及導覽服務。

Guided Tour of Kaohsiung Ciaotou Sugar Refinery

Site tour

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